Humán Profess

Human Profess Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Address: 9784 Rádóckölked, Fő utca 144/B.
Telephone: 06-70-639-22-42

Project management

Often it seems that after receiving a grant there is nothing else to do, but this is never true. The process of project execution is not an easy task.

We offer you help with project management and dealing with grants the following was:

  • inspecting the contract plan
  • negotiating with the contributor organisation
  • dealing with the grant contract
  • helping with executing the project
  • creating the professional reports, financial accounting
  • preparation for the grant
  • dealing with communication
  • creating the monitoring reports
  • helping with the creation of the final report
  • dealing with changes during the project

Attention! The smallest mistake is enough to not receive the grant in time and therefore damage the project. Human Profess will make sure that you don’t have any sleepless nights worrying about the project.

International projects

In the EU in the social, health and employment sector there are numerous proven methods that are helping the organisations and the clients work. Most of these methods could be used in Hungary, if not for the lack of experience of local organisations. With the help of our company you can establish new connections and find the best applications risk free.

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