Humán Profess

Human Profess Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Address: 9784 Rádóckölked, Fõ utca 144/B.
Telephone: 06-70-639-22-42

About us

Human Profess Ltd. is offering – amongst other things – project management services for NGOs, governments and for-profit companies.

We are continuously expanding the available services thanks to the developments in the relevant fields.

The advantage of Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. is that we are working with a small number of employees, but rely largely on external expertise. We also have a strong connection with our partners, in order to deliver the services.


Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. helps its partners with training and labour market services, and with project counselling. Our company is taking part in multiple international programmes.


As an accredited adult training organisation we are offering trainings and courses.

Labour market services

Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. is offering mentoring and rehabilitating services for accredited employers.

Nóra-network, a countrywide labour market counselling network – operating a Nóra-Spot

International activities:

Thanks to its international activities, Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. is working in the social and labour market sector to develop and test certain methods.

Complete project guidance

As an organisation with a lot of experience in project management, Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. is helping its partners with complete project guidance.

- assessing the needs of the client
- creating project documentation
- project management and everything connected to it
- accounting and monitoring

Our key to success: the success of Human Profess is also your success. We are not utilizing templates. During the writing of applications, our experts will uncover every possibility and will recommend grant builds according to that.

The goal is to match your ideas with the best possible grants and opportunities. Although the system of applications is a complicated one, it is our goal to navigate amongst its waters – you only need to worry about achieving your goals.

In order to do this:

  • our company is continuously monitoring the available applications
  • we are providing the necessary information needed to have a clear picture
  • after collecting the necessary information we are putting together the applications
  • if it’s a requirement of the application, we will prepare the plans and reports needed for the project
  • after being awarded with a grant, we will manage the project, because regular accounting is needed
  • after the end of the project, it is needed to monitor it for an additional 3-5 years – depending on the type of the application –, we will also do that for you.

Our project management service includes the all-around service pack which follows through the end of the project.

What does this mean?

  • If you want to propose now: our help means the writing and submitting of applications, but also the monitoring activities after being awarded with the grant.
  • If you already won a grant, but ran into obstacles (for example financial issues or trouble with deadlines): our employees will solve all of your problems.

Our project writing service includes the following:

Monitoring projects
After Hungary has joined the European Union the number of available projects have expanded. Our company is willing to search for every available local and EU level applications.

Creating applications – project counselling
Creating an application is not an easy task. There are a lot of formal and content requirements. However, if you have a great idea, why would you miss the chance?

If you have an idea


we are helping you deal with the financial issues.

If you have already made a proposition


we are willing to shoulder the accounting and reporting tasks.

Creating applications
During the creating of applications, you are an active part of the process as it is important for the customer to have knowledge about the world of projects. Before we put together the documentation there is a thorough examination which checks whether the applicant meets every requirement. After this, the documentation is getting put together which consists of a project worksheet and its annexes. Our activities also include the ensuring of formal requirements and the handing in of the application.

Studies, plans
Most of the projects require a sort of study which need to be sent as an attachment. We are willing to carry these studies out.

Managing applications
In most cases, receiving the grants takes more effort than writing the applications. If you – after you have won the grant – ask us to deal with the accounting, we are happy to do that too.

Monitoring service
After your project has ended there is an additional 3-5 years of monitoring and this means handing in reports every year.



We are pricing our services based on personal discussion.

International projects

In the EU in the social, health and employment sector there are numerous proven methods that are helping the organisations and the clients work. Most of these methods could be used in Hungary, if not for the lack of experience of local organisations. With the help of our company you can establish new connections and find the best applications risk free.

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