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Anthropocentric solutions

Nowadays projects dealing with social, health, education and employment issues are becoming more and more popular. In the future, it is very likely that more financial sources will support these projects. However, it is not easy to decide the path to be taken in order to successfully complete a project. Having gathered the (international) experience through years and years of hard work we want to help our clients along the difficult path ridden with administration, policies and professional terms.

In order to have successful and stress-free projects, we offer the following:

  • monitoring sectorial projects
  • selecting the application fit for the project
  • collecting necessary information, gathering the documentations
  • writing the application in a quick, precise and adequate manner
  • managing projects that have been awarded with a grant
  • making the required reports

Important! Thanks to the experience gathered over the past years, Human Profess is able to manage projects which need cooperation with foreign partners.

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Labour market services:

Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. offers mentoring and rehabilitating services for accredited employers.

  • contacting disabled people, giving information, collecting their data
  • individual assessment for employment possibilities
  • picturing a vision regarding employment, in order to help the clients stay motivated
  • preparing them for employment: searching for jobs, analysing competences
  • preparing the employers for workers with disabilities
  • labour exchange
  • ensuring full support at the workplaces
  • following their progress and activities for 6 months from employment: dealing with possible difficulties, supporting them


Human Profess Non-profit Ltd. has joined the Hungarian NÓRA Network and is operating a NÓRA Spot

The goal of NÓRA Network is to establish a labour-market and anti-discriminant counselling network, which extends to 10 regions. The counsellors of Nóra Spots are offering counselling for approximately 5000 women. They are supporting the employers to establish workplaces that are guaranteeing the harmony between private and professional life for both sexes. It is also promoting the equality between the sexes by organising disseminating events.

The most successful country regarding these issues is Norway. Our partner the Norwegian North University for Women is willing to share the secrets of that success with us. Our goal is to raise awareness in order to highlight the circumstances of discriminated women. With the help of partaking organisations, we are able to get a detailed picture of the chances of women in the labour market, and the amount of discrimination. When working on our recommendations, these factors are being taken into account.

Components of the project:

  • until May 2014, the completion of an action plan
  • from May 2014 until the end of the project, continuous contact with the local employers, information about the GYES-management programme
  • in May/June 2014, 1 person will take part in a Norwegian field trip
  • from June 2014, 20 person (on the average) will receive monthly counselling
  • based on a solid methodology, ensuring the supplying of data for evaluation in 2015-2016
  • working with the local „equal opportunity network” in order to have to successful counselling
  • taking part in the creation of labour market reports
  • in 2014 and 2015, organising local disseminating events
  • contributing to the successful online, offline, inner and outer communication

Click here to take a look at the countrywide Nóra-Spots

International projects

In the EU in the social, health and employment sector there are numerous proven methods that are helping the organisations and the clients work. Most of these methods could be used in Hungary, if not for the lack of experience of local organisations. With the help of our company you can establish new connections and find the best applications risk free.

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